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2 Kings, Comments on the Book of

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Author: Grant, L. M.

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2 Kings continues the history of the two separated kingdoms, with the prophet Elisha replacing Elijah as God's witness. Other prophets also witnessed and suffered for their faithfulness. No believing king is found in this history of Israel (the ten tribes) in spite of the grace which characterized the ministry of the prophet Elisha. Israel's continuance in evil leads to an invasion of the land by the king of Assyria, who carries them captive out of their land.

Judah continued in the land sometime longer, and the reigns of two godly kings, Hezekiah and Josiah, stand out beautifully in contrast to the general downward trend. Yet eventually Judah is carried captive by the Babylonians. These histories emphasize how men - even godly men - fail in maintaining what God has committed to them in responsibility. How all this cries out for the coming of the one true and faithful King, the Lord of glory!

121 pages - Softcover - Author: Leslie M. Grant

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