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1 Kings, Comments on the Book of

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Author: Grant, L. M.

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1 Kings introduces the kingdom of Solomon over Israel, a type of the glorious kingdom of the Lord Jesus in its millennial peace and prosperity. The wealth and glory of Solomon's kingdom have been unsurpassed in history. Solomon built the temple of God, a building of marvelous magnificence, the center of Israel's worship and unity.

But Solomon's personal life degenerated deeply through unholy marriages contrary to God's will. And when he died, the kingdom ofIsrael was split in two, with ten tribes revolting from Judah and Benjamin. This rift has never been healed, nor will be until the coming of the Lord Jesus. The following history deals with a succession of idolatrous kings who ruled over the ten tribes (Judah is mentioned in less detail). The prophet Elijah is raised up to be a witness against this and to call Israel to repentance. The Lord's faithfulness and patience towards His people are seen in this history.

117 pages - Softcover - Author: Leslie M. Grant

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